Food is a very important subject to our residents and our regular residents meeting constantly revolve around the subject.

We endeavour to find out each individuals preference in relation to food and we always ensure any specific dietary needs are met.

The menu for each day is displayed in the dining room.

Residents have the choice of eating meals in their bedrooms or in the dining room, however we do encourage residents to attend at least one meal a day in the dining room, but the choice is entirely up to the resident. Meal times can vary depending on the individual resident. We have discussed meal times at length during resident meetings and most residents feel happier if their day is structured. For those residents that do not like routine, we can prepare and provide meals for them at any times of the day.

Our food suppliers consist of RP Setchfield butchers, GT Produce (fruit/veg) and Tesco.

Meal times

Meals Approx times
Breakfast 8.00 – 9.30 am
Drink and biscuits 10.30 am
Lunch 12.30pm
Drink and biscuits 3.00pm
Tea 5.00pm
Evening drink 7.30 onwards


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