Alexandra Court believes that excellent standards of care should be offered to all residents regardless of income. This has always been at the forefront of what we do.

There have been numerous times over our 22 years when we could have chosen to accept privately funded residents only but have chosen not to in the interest of fairness.

This poses a problem however, as Council funded residents generally pay lower fees than private residents which does not equate with our fairness policy. It seems unfair that a person who has saved all their life has to pay more than a person who has been unable to save yet receive the same standards of care.

There is a clearly a discrepancy between the two and this has always made us feel uncomfortable which is one reason why our fees are priced so much lower than other residential care homes in the area.

As of April 2021 our fees are:

A single room without en-suite is priced at £803 per week

A single room with en-suite is priced at £822 per week

In 2018, we signed a 5 year contract with Leeds City Council to allow local authority funded residents to live at Alexandra Court. We were also awarded ‘Enhanced’ status which means that the standard of care we offer is high enough to be awarded a higher contribution from Leeds City Council. As of 2021, only 13 homes in Leeds have this ‘enhanced status’.

In the interests of openness, transparency and fairness we have introduced a top up fee or ‘lifestyle’ charge for new Local Authority funded clients to include all our bedrooms to bring them in line with private fee rates. (This excludes room E).

In monetary terms this means the top up fees/life style charges are (as of 2021):

A single room without en-suite = £213 per week

A single room with en-suite is = £237 per week

To find out why we are introducing this and what is included in the fees please click here.

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